Our VIP Rescue package is designed for groups that are celebrating birthdays, staff Christmas parties, team building and Bucks and Hens events, but is open to anyone who wants to experience a more immersive session than our Public sessions! This scenario is a two hour experience and is built to revolve around the VIP for the day!


Team Deathmatch (One 10 minute round) – A warm up game to familiarise players with the equipment and layout of the site. One team will need to simply locate the enemy team and inflict more “kills” than the other to achieve victory.

VIP Escort (Two 10 minute rounds) – In this mission, one team (bodyguards) will have a “VIP” that they will need to escort safely from their starting point to a designated extraction area. The other team (assassins) will be seeking to eliminate the VIP, or prevent the VIP from reaching the extraction point until the mission timer expires. The VIP will wear a special vest with modified hit points – if the VIP loses all of these points, then the assassins will have
successfully eliminated their target. The defending team (assassins) will have time to set up an ambush at the beginning of the mission. The VIP is only permitted to move, at all times, at a walking pace to prevent them from running into danger, and to ensure the bodyguards can more effectively protect him/her during the mission.    

10 minute break before commencing the second half of the session.
Hostage Rescue (Two 15 minute rounds) – The “VIP” of a team has been taken hostage and is being held captive by a ‘militant group’ (defending team) in a secure location. The rescuers (attacking team) will need to first locate the hostage and make contact to begin the extraction. Before the hostage can leave the area, they will arm themselves with a weapon and boosted hit points to assist their team. The hostage can only move while within a short distance of an active rescuer, and must remain on the spot if their escort is killed until another team member arrives. The rescuers will achieve victory if they can safely escort the VIP back to the extraction point before time runs out. The militants (defenders) will achieve victory if they can prevent the rescuers from extracting the hostage, or by eliminating the hostage once he/she has armed themselves.


Per Player