The Boot Camp scenario is for those who wish to enjoy a more casual experience without detailed mission objectives. We recommend this to families with younger children or any group who might prefer a more relaxed session without complex mission mechanics.


Team Deathmatch (Two 15 minute rounds) – A warm up game to familiarise players with the equipment and layout of the site. One team will need to simply locate the enemy team and inflict more “kills” than the other to achieve victory.
10 minute break before commencing the second half of the session.
Team Domination (Two 10 minute rounds) – A simple objective based game where both teams must compete to capture the domination box secured at a fixed location. Players will need to fire their weapon at the black domed target on the box in order to capture it for their team. Players will need agility and cunning in order to dislodge a team from defending the objective. Victory will be awarded to the team who manages to accumulate the greatest amount of capture time on the domination box at the end of each round.

Team Deathmatch – If time permits near the end of the session, one more round of Team Deathmatch will be played for those who still have the energy to complete one more game.


Per Player