The Special Ops scenario is a two hour session ideally tailored for small-medium sized corporate groups, sporting teams, work and social groups. The missions are heavily objective based and require efficient team work in order to successfully achieve mission goals. This scenario is perfect for those who are looking to improve team building, confidence and unlock leadership potential.


Team Deathmatch (One 10 minute round) – A warm up game to familiarise players with the equipment and layout of the site. One team will need to simply locate the enemy team and inflict more “kills” than the other to achieve victory.
Heist (Two 10 minute rounds) – A specialised mercenary unit has been contracted to enter a secure facility and retrieve a box containing “classified” components for its employer. The facility is heavily guarded by private security personnel, which is a threat that will need to be dealt with in order to successfully complete the mission. The mercenary unit (attacking team) will need to locate the box and safely carry it back to their extraction point before the mission timer expires. The attacking team will need to utilise team work as the box requires two people to carry it, while the rest of the team will need to clear a path and escort the carriers back to the extraction point. If one of the carriers is taken out, the box must be dropped at that spot until a replacement carrier arrives. The private security personnel (defending team) must prevent the attackers from reaching the extraction point to achieve victory.

10 minute break before commencing the second half of the session.

Base Defence (Two 15 minute rounds) – In this mission, one team will need to defend an objective while the attacking team will need to eliminate it. Seems simple enough, right? Well, in this mission the defenders will need to defend, not one, but two objectives at two different locations! The defenders will need to decide whether to divide their forces evenly to defend both objectives, or take a risk by reducing the defenders at one objective, to strengthen the defence of the other. Furthermore, the defenders will only be able to revive in timed waves, so they will need to think smart in how they engage the attackers. The attacking team will need to formulate a plan of attack in order to successfully destroy both objectives. It will take some strong leadership and encouragement to ensure the attacking team maintain their aggression, or the morale of your team may falter, and the assault will stall. Both teams will have a chance of attacking and defending over the two rounds, with the winner being who accomplishes their objectives in the fastest time, or achieves the most damage on the objectives.


Per Player