Sessions are available on Saturdays and Sundays, between 10am-2pm. Bookings are essential.
The Salt Ash Weapons Range presents the ultimate in bush warfare. Our 10 acres of battleground features vantage points, flanking opportunities and branching trails to outplay your opponents. Will you sabotage the fuel depot, capture the communications tower, or eliminate the opposition’s Captain? All in a day’s work at the Salt Ash Weapons Range! Our brand new facilities will let you recover from your battle in style! Want to bring a cake? We’ve got plenty of space for everyone.


Play a wide variety of your favourite missions from your favourite games, ranging from Team Deathmatch and Domination, to gametypes like Base Defence, requiring strategy and teamwork to accomplish your objectives,


Battlezone is better with friends! Round up your team and storm cell blocks, capture valuable objectives and sweep through the bush as a team.


Use the bushland to your advantage, sneaking slowly through the scrub to flank your opponents. Take cover amongst the oil station or water tanks to surprise your foes and gain a tactical advantage. Sprint through the trails, guns blazing as a distraction for your team to capture an objective. The choice is yours.